Shin Sushi

Shin Sushi - sushi på rullebånd! Er du en av de mange som elsker sushi? Da må du unne deg et besøk på Shin Sushi på Bystasjonen! Her får du Sushi på rullebånd, og du kan velge dine biter som beveger seg på rullebånd mens du sitter i restauranten. Du finner vår meny på vår facebookside smile Velkommen! - - Our job is to color the world! Started as an idea 5 years ago after visiting Japan the land of all sushi. We began search for partners who share the same philosophy to serve fresh and bold sushi "Kaiten" style in Scandinavia. "Kaiten" style is a sushi bar where the chefs serves the dishes to the customers by using a conveyor belt. the guest sits down and picks up what they want from the belt and all dishes are priced to the color of the plate. if needed friendly staff member will pop up to take orders. How to make it successful? We always knew that as long you keep up the quality at all time and strive to reach it with no compromise people will find it way to your place, with this in mind we team up with the best local supplier and chefs to create Shin sushi which is a new and wonderful source of uncontaminated goodness. Bold, clean flavors, extremely low in fat. The calories are negligible, the vitamins and minerals reassuringly high. We want people to enjoy a low fat, healthy diet, We have confident in developing delicious flavors using clean, simple ingredients, Shin sushi is fast, it´s fresh, it´s delicious, it´s fun, it´s healthy and light but at the same time you feel full.
Mandag - Lørdag: 11.00 - 22.00
Søndag: 14.00 - 21.00
Vågsgaten 16
4306 Sandnes
Telefon: +4793078744(930SUSHI)