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Sandnes Sentrum

  • Shall be the central private operator for further development of the town center as a unique market and business address of the region.
  • Shall be the preferred place for trade and experience in the region
  • Shall Perceive as modern, progressive and attractive for a variety of business

Benefits for members

Sandnes Sentrum as conducting several exciting activities that draw customers from the region and increase sales in the city:
Lyseblå Saturday, Sandnes Fashion, Kremmermarked, Sandnesugå, Eventyruka, Litteraturdagenek and Jul/Julemarked.

New activities in 2014:
100 UGÅ, Vårfest, "Paint Your Bike" and Saturday Markets

Activities in 2014 Link

Promoting the citycentre as an exciting marketplace

Interviews and articles in the media to promote Sandnes as a unique marketplace in the region.

 The center umbrella
 Sandnes Sentrum Gift Certificates (can only be used in shops that are members of Sandes Sentrum as)
 Use of Sandnes city logo, only for members
 Sandnes Sentrum stickers promoting the shop as a member of Sandnes Sentrum as

Activities in 2014

 New website
 Christmas Lighting
 Winter Illumination
 Self-portal for the establishment of Sandnes
 cooperat with Amfi Vågen, Maxi Sandnes and Bystasjonen (opening autumn 2014)


www.sandnes-Sentrum.no, Sandnes Magazine, Facebook, newspapers and radio.

Projects in 2014
 Launch of new website with information about all shops
 Release of three Sandnes Magazine (Vårfest, Høstkos and Jul i Sandnes), advertising is for members only.

Agreement on preferential rates for members in 2014
 Stavanger Aftenblad
 Sandnesposten
 Rogaland Avis
 Radio Sandnes


We have a close cooperation with the municipality, with a view to post favorable for conducting industry in the city.
Our activities contribute to a positive development of the properties in the city.

Projects in 2014
 Upgrade / Digging Langgt.

Accessibility to center

We work actively with the various agencies to ensure good access to the Sandnes, when it comes to public transport and parking facilities.

Member Meetings / Idea-forum / Training / internal information

Meetings for members are held approximately six times a year. Information regarding current affairs, Sales statistics for members of Sandnes Sentrum as, are being sent out regularly.

Activities in 2014
 Managers' Course, course for sales personnel
 Internet portal for members
 Regular newsletters on current affairs for members

Cooperation agreements with potential suppliers for members of Sandnes city

We have as of today agreements for member prices at Securitas, NorAlarm, Elixia/ SATS.

Projects in 2014

 Working for common agreement on waste


The community is organized as a corporation. Each "member" must draw at least one share. This gives the right to vote by voting at membership meetings and general meetings. Nominal value is NOK 250, -.

Market Contributions from each member

 Stores pay a share of the turnover.
 Houseowners pay compared to lettable area in the 1st and 2nd floor.
 Other businesses categorized as  cate, industry, hotel, bank and shopping center. These pay a fixed annual amount.


You will find our office at Langgt. 17, we are open 09.00-15.00, Mon-Fri.

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